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A brief history of Jenifer Convertible

Jenifer Convertible was formed in early 1994 by Lenny Zenith (vocals, guitar), Jim Santo (guitar, vocals), Jamie Pertusi (bass, vocals) and Andy Moore (drums). The band's first single, "Co-dependency" b/w "The Car Song," produced by James Murphy (now of LCD Soundsystem), was released in spring of that year by Puddle Records to critical praise and heavy airplay on such influential New York-area radio stations as WNYU, WFDU and WFMU. "The Car Song" was also selected as one of the first Action Ready Singles distributed on-line by the trend-setting Sonicnet.

Cover of the first Jenifer Convertible single

A second 45, "SpeedRacer" b/w "Rewind" was released by Puddle in spring 1995. Produced by Ray Ketchem (now of Elk City), the seven-inch again gained favorable reviews and substantial airplay. Smug Magazine that summer predicted Jenifer Convertible "will be the next great pop band to come out of New York."

In May 1995, Moore up and moved to Maine. Not missing a beat, the band promptly recruited drummer Eddie Siino. In February 1996, Jenifer Convertible began recording its first LP with Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Teenage Fanclub, Helmet) producing. Completed that June, Wanna Drag? was released in the summer of 1997 on Yum Records.

Jenifer Convertible called it quits in 1999 but not before recording an EP of songs at Excello studios in Brooklyn. Entitled Fumes, it remains unreleased.